What is Rich Hens?

Rich Hens is an exciting multiplayer IOS/Android WEB3 game with simple mechanics and Game-FI elements.

Everyone now is able to earn $HEN tokens by having his own NFT animal - NFT egg-laying chicken. All you have to do is to perform simple actions by interacting with the mobile app installed on your smartphone. Your mobile device will inform you about the necessary actions that you need to complete in order to receive a reward. It is also required to monitor the parameters of the game NFTs and update them from time to time in order to achieve the highest profit possible.

The concept of the ACT TO EARN game helps develop the focus of the players while making it possible to earn $HEN tokens. $HEN may then be exchanged on DEX for BNB right in the app.

Rich Hens is the innovative WEB3 game based on "play to earn" business model, which introduced its own "Act to earn" concept. As time shows, the popularity of the crypto market is growing, and despite the corrections, in general, cryptocurrencies have a positive trend year by year. The Reach Hens project will continue growing under the right strategic management of the company. Our team is doing everything to strengthen the trust of its users and ensure the work of the game for many years to come by introducing new features to the eco system.

All Rich Hens assets in the application belong to the users. Our team only takes a small commission during sale of NFTs or other game items and for chicken breeding. Tokenomics is designed the way that the main income is received by Rich Hens users and only a small part by our team.

$HEG is the governance token of the Rich Hens project. $HEG has a limited total supply of 3,000,000,000. It is used for project management, as well as marketing, development, advertising and ecosystem support.

$HEN is a rebase utility token with elastic total market supply. Total $HEN market supply can be balanced to the required value according to the demand to maintain a stable price in the market, but cannot exceed 5 billion HEN. $HEN burning occurs during NFT chickens upgrade, feeding them and for NFT-minting.

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