NFT roosters are required for chickens-breeding (see chicken-breeding). A rooster has 3 attributes: rarity, productivity and health. The values of these parameters affect the breed possibility and the quality of newborn chickens.


NFT rooster rarity can be standard, special, rare, premium and exclusive. The rarity of produced chicken depends on this rarity of your rooster. The higher the rarity the higher parameters your new-born chicken will have. In other words, the rarity affects the breed quality. For example: if the rarity of a rooster is premium and rarity of a hen is also premium, then the chicken that will grow from a chick will have rarity=premium and quality, quantity, chance attributes according to the rarity.

Productivity (PR)

Its value varies from 10 to 0. This parameter shows how many times a rooster can be used for breeding. For example: if productivity=5, this means that the rooster can be used for 5 breedings. If productivity=1, then the rooster can only be used once. And when the productivity is 0, the rooster becomes infertile and can’t be longer used for further breeding. The productivity can however be restored by to 10. To restore this parameter, you need to spend some amount of $HEG or $BNB and expect recovery within 48 hours.


This parameter is a percentage value from 0 to 100%. If you have a NFT rooster, you need to keep an eye on his health. Health is reduced from 100% to 0 in 48 hours. If you let its health drop to 0%, the productivity parameter will be reduced by 1, and health will return to 100% and will decrease for the next 48 hours. Therefore, carefully monitor the health of the rooster and feed it in time. You can feed your rooster by using $HEN.

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