Hens tab: NFT hens you own, displayed as icons. Every hen has its attributes: rarity, quality, quantity, chance, productivity, and health. Each attribute affects the efficiency of your hen, which in turn affects your $HEN income.


The rarity attribute affects the level of other attributes: Quality, Quantity and Chance. The rarer the NFT(standard, special, rare, premium, exclusive), the higher its attributes, respectively, the higher the price and efficiency.


This attribute directly affects the value of the content inside an egg laid by your hen. The attribute has 30 levels. The higher the quality attribute, the more $HEN tokens inside the hen’s eggs. It also affects the level of Gems or NFTs in case of special eggs (see Chance). For example: if the quality level of a hen = 1, then each egg will contain approximately 1 to 5 $HEN. In order to increase the quality level, you can use already earned $HEN, or exchange $HEN from BNB on in-app DEX.


The Quantity attribute affects the number of eggs your chicken may lay per day. The attribute has 30 levels. The higher the quantity level, the more often your chicken lays eggs. For example: at quantity=1, your chicken will give you approximately 1 egg per day. At the level of quantity=10 approximately 10 eggs per day. To increase the quantity level, use $HEN as well.


This parameter affects the probability of dropping a special egg. The attribute has 30 levels. The higher the chance, the higher the probability that a special egg will be laid among the ordinary ones. A special egg may contain a new NFTs, Gems, or other items, which has more value than the regular eggs. For example, if chance = 1, then the probability of a special egg falling out of the number of all eggs per day will be = 1%, respectively, if chance = 10, then 10%. You can also increase this parameter using $HEN.

Productivity (PR)

This attribute shows how many chicks your hen can produce. The value of the attribute can be between 10 and 0. The new-born chick always inherits this attribute from its mother. If PR = 10 it means the hen did not produce any chicks before. After breeding the value is decreased by 1. The chicken can produce a maximum of 10 chicks total in its live (see chicken-breeding). This also means the chickens with higher PR attribute parameter are more valuable breeding-wise. This parameter does not affect the efficiency of laying eggs, but only the possibility of reproduction. The chickens with the Productivity value of 0 can no longer produce any chicks.


This parameter is a percentage value from 0 to 100%. The value of the parameter directly affects the overall efficiency of your chicken. For example: if at 100% health your hen gives you 100 $HEN in the eggs per day, then at 50% health only 50 $HEN. The level of health constantly drops from 100% to 0% in 24 hours. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor its value and feed your chickens in time, feeding increases the level of health up to 100%. $HEN is used to feed you chickens.

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