Act to Earn

What does ACT TO EARN mean?

The ACT TO EARN concept is an opportunity to earn tokens by performing simple actions initiated by the game.

At a certain time during the day the mobile application notifies the user via push-notifications about the actions that needs to be performed. The push-notifications frequency depends on several factors and the exact time of the game request is unknown. The task completion is rewarded and the value of the reward directly depends on the user's luck and his chicken's performance attributes. The activity and attentiveness along with the user game level play a major role in earning tokens: the more active the user, the more tokens he is able to earn. When the receives a task notification he must take an action immediately within a few seconds or minutes. If no action was taken during the time frame the task is considered to be failed and the reward is lost.

The concept of the ACT TO EARN game helps develop the focus of the players while making it possible to earn $HEN tokens. Due to the new ACT TO EARN concept created by the Rich Hens team, now everyone can earn crypto-tokens by doing simple actions. At the same time, you do not need to be an expert in crypto to take part in Rich Hens eco system. Just download the Rich Hens app and start earning $HEN!

Take action to earn tokens!

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