How to Play

Getting Started

In order to take part in the game, install the Rich Hens mobile application on your smartphone from Google Play or App Store. Create a new account using your email address. Go to the Wallet section, copy the BNB wallet address and transfer a required amount of BNB to it. The BNB tokens can be purchased on any exchange platforms, like Binance or others.

In the Marketplace section, select the Chickens, Roosters or Eggs tab. Depending on the option, you can either purchase NFT hen, which in the long run will bring you income in layed eggs containing $HEN tokens or you can immediately try your luck by buying eggs from other players, and thereby earn the $HEN stored in those eggs. By the way, special eggs can contain not only $HEN tokens, but also BNB coins, Gems to increase the efficiency of you hens or even another new NFT hen.

From the moment you become an NFT hen owner you are able to earn $HEN tokens from the eggs your chickens lay. The ACT TO EARN game concept means that every time your chicken lays an egg, you need to put it to the basket in time within a certain period of time (depending on the level of the chicken). Otherwise, the egg is going to be lost along with its valuable content. You never know exactly when your chicken is going to lay a new egg. Stay sharp because it may happen at any time. The higher the level of the chicken the more often it’s going to lay the eggs and the more valuable its content is going to be. You will find out that your chicken has laid an egg from push notifications (make sure that push notifications for the Rich Hens application are allowed in your smartphone settings). You just need to open the application in time and put the eggs to the basket. After you pick up the egg, it instantly breaks and you get the $HEN tokens that are contained inside.

Special eggs (bronze, silver, gold, ruby and eco) may not just be broken, but may also be sold on the Marketplace. In this case, you will not be able to find out the content of the eggs but you can put it on the market with your own price for sale.

You can also sell your NFT chicken on the Marketplace by entering your desired selling price. The price can vary greatly depending on the values of the chicken's attributes (quality, quantity, chance, productivity), the rarity (standard, special, rare, premium, exclusive) and whether it has Gems.

You can also increase the number of eggs laid per day, as well as their quality (quality in this case, the amount of $HEN tokens in an egg, or other value) by increasing the level of the attributes of your NFT hen. The upgrade of the chicken will require $HEN tokens. The use of Gems can also increase the effectiveness of the chicken. Gems can be found in special eggs that your chicken lays, or may be purchased on the Marketplace.

In addition to all above mentioned you can also breed chicks (Chicken-breeding), raise chickens and sell NFTs on the Marketplace. You can of course keep them to get even more eggs. In order to get a chick you must have at least one hen and one rooster. The rooster can also be purchased on the Marketplace. The cost of the rooster also depends on its rarity and attributes level. The better the rarity of the rooster (standard, special, rare, premium, exclusive), as well as the higher the level of productivity (PR), the higher the price is going to be. These parameters affect the quality of the newborn chick (rarity and attribute levels). There is also a chance that a rooster will grow out of the chick. Rooster can also be used for chicken-breeding, or sold out on the market for BNB.

$HEN earned can be exchanged at any time for BNB on in-app DEX and withdrawn to external wallet.

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