In the Marketplace section, you can buy/sell NFTs or other game items.

The Rich Hens Marketplace is an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell their game items. All transactions related to in-game NFTs are made only in $BNB. The Marketplace charges a commission from the seller during each NFT transaction. Special eggs are only sold for $HEN.

To buy a desired item you need to select the appropriate tab and start search for an item. The default search shows the newest items at the top; however, you may use the filter and select your own params for better search results. The prices of items may differ significantly, depending on the values of the attributes of a particular product. In "sell" tab you will find a list of items you are currently selling.

To sell an item, such as an NFT hen: go to the "Farm" section, then the "Hens" tab, click on the selected hen and click "Sell" button, set the desired price (within the allowed limits) and confirm the listing by clicking "Confirm" button. Your item will appear in the list of items for sale in the Marketplace section. You can do the same with roosters, gems and other stuff.

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